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In 1995, Mariano Peinado (FIAPBT) created a American Pit Bull Terrier Genealogy Data Base, called FIAPBT GENEALOGICAL REGISTRY OF SECURITY (RGS). In the year 2003, the RGS open its service to the public free of charge, since which the APBT fans worldwide through Internet, have been able to realise their own investigations and studies about ramifications genetic or bloodlines on the breed, till short time ago.

The reason by which the FIAPBT created the RGS, had to assure that the genealogical data of the breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) will be not lost, by its powerful enemies and those unfortunate circumstances that will could occur, around the genealogical data that exist at present in this breed dog. This genealogical information, dates in writing for 200 years ago, being the breed dog that owns the Genealogical Registry in ascending scale, older than it is known of all breed dogs that existing at present. Even, many dogs APBT that they lived in the century XIX, also own their own amazing pictures, histories of their life, etc. something very showy and spectacular for being dogs of 200 years ago, not existing preceding of this caliber in other breed dogs.

At the end of year 2009, is when arises a new section within RGS called FIAPBT PEDIGREE.

During the past few years, the RGS Data Base has increased enormously the number of Registries, since enough fans of several countries have been collaborating with the FIAPBT, sending to us via Internet information and compiled genealogies of thousands of American Pit Bull Terrier of old and the modern times, with the goal of having a solid and full information, for the suitable security and control of the APBT genealogy from a only International Genealogical Registry, in this case through the FIAPBT PEDIGREE.

The FIAPBT PEDIGREE, already counts more than 500,000 APBT Registered from all countries, although still lack enough APBT for to add within to the Data Base. We are conscious that exist errors in the information of some pedigrees, and even we need to add enough pictures inside the peds. We would be thankful to the subscribers if them helped to us to complete better the FIAPBT PEDIGREE Base Data and let know us any error that could find them within the Base Data, for to correct it immediately in;

If you subscribe to FIAPBT PEDIGREE of a simple way, you could immediately add within Base Data your dogs, at the same time to do a hollow to them within documented history of the breed and, even if it is only to have them like a precious tribute during all the life, in this way to be able to show your dogs at the moment that you wish, to your family, friends or clients.

Is prohibited to write commentaries on fights of dogs. In last case, it would be only allow in historical way, as long as he does not promote themselves nor he urges themselves to realise it at present. If you found some inadequate commentary in any place of the FIAPBT PEDIGREE, we would be thankful to you if you would inform to us about it for its elimination. If the responsible subscriber backslid in the positioning of inadequate commentaries, will be himself the unique person responsible of his expulsion by always of FIAPBT PEDIGREE by not fulfilling the rules.

The FIAPBT has found important information, about the existence of old APBT with their pedigríes and pictures unknown for the APBT fan. The recovery of these historical APBT is something extraordinary and of great importance for the own breed.

Thanks to the collaboration of old dogmen (perreros) in the USA, Mexico, Spain, etc. in the investigation developed by the FIAPBT, for the recovery of important APBT already in the forgetfulness, are being able itself to immortalize many of these animal, so that its track is clear for the fans and students of the history of the breed for ever. The FIAPBT at the present continues developing this important work of recovery to even more complement the historical data of the own breed. According to they are discovered more genetic treasures of the breed, they will be added all of them in the FIAPBT PEDIGREE Data Base to enrich it and for the benefit of the APBT fans subscribers.

That information, pictures or any thing about to the APBT and you wish to contribute with the FIAPBT, can send it to; If you wish it, the information will be added with your credit. The veracity of the information sent, before to be add will be verified.

The historical APBT with their respective genealogies, recovered by FIAPBT PEDIGREE are many and the majority of the fans did not know their existence before now, even many of them with its pictures never seen previously in public. You now through FIAPBT PEDIGREE, will be able to begin to know its existence.

Besides the FIAPBT PEDIGREE Base Data service for the genealogical study of the breed, the subscribers also will be able to enjoy and to benefit themselves, using the varied services within the FIAPBT PEDIGREE , like for example; Forums with different thematic around the American Pit Bull Terrier and the world dog in general; To announce the dogs or puppies that are on sale; To announce the studs dogs; To announce the products and materials buying and selling; To announce the loss dogs or that need adoptions or situations similar, etc. The FIAPBT request to the fans subscribers, first of all responsibility and professionalism in this section in the security and take care of the animals.

The subscribers to the FIAPBT PEDIGREE will receive the FIAPBT & IADCRO NEWS BOLETIN to maintain informed to them into the important news about APBT and the world dog in general. Also, those subscribers that wish it will be able to help us to fight the BSL in any place, which criminalize and persecute to a series of noble and wonderful breed dogs, especially to the American Pit Bull Terrier.

The FIAPBT PEDIGREE is located in Madrid, Spain, Europe. In this country, this punished facilitating severely information deprived by the SPANISH LAW OF PROTECTION DATA.

In the FIAPBT PEDIGREE we have by norm, to annul the subscription to those subscribers they are dedicated, to create duplicated pedigrees, false pedigrees, or any other subject with ill-disposed aims, that harm to the fans and the image of the own breed.

Please help us to improve and to enrich the Data Base of FIAPBT PEDIGREE, to be able to value even more if it is possible and to put in the place that is deserved, to this wonderful and noble breed dog, the American Pit Bull Terrier.

The criticisms in positive or suggestions that you wish to expose to us, will be well received for us for its study. To contact in:

The FIAPBT PEDIGREE, is the home of all APBT lovers and the animals in general. WELCOMES TO ALL.

Thank you very much for your time, attention and help.

Mariano Peinado


In order to be able to pay for the maintenance of the outpost technology and quality of the modern and enormous FIAPBT PEDIGREE Data Base, the servant whom the service provides it exclusively and at the same time also to be able to help to IADCRO in the fight against the BSL for to stop the criminalization to the noble breed dogs, especially the APBT for be the breed dog much more persecuted and damaged of all breed dogs, are some reasons reason why in this occasion, to be able to have access to FIAPBT PEDIGREE Data Base, it will not be in free way.

By the reasonable price of 22 Euros, you will be able to enjoy throughout a year the FIAPBT PEDIGREE services.

In this FIAPBT GENEALOGICAL REGISTRY OF SECURITY  Section called FIAPBT PEDIGREE, you will be able; To study the different ramifications genetics ( bloodlines ) of this wonderful and the noble breed dog, the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT); To see APBT historical pictures never seen previously in publish; To participate in forums deprived with different thematics around the APBT; To help to fight the criminalization that the BSL realises; To create easily the pedigree online of your dog or the litters that you have; etc.

In order to be able to enjoy these services, simply you must to register through with the option the Spanish and English language. This new FIAPBT GENEALOGICAL REGISTRY OF SECURITY  Section, the FIAPBT PEDIGREE, will be in continuous development by the FIAPBT, for its constant improvement.

So that you can have an example in view, and go away familiarizing with the data base of the FIAPBT, we showed you the link of CH “PATCHES”:

Villa Liberty´s CH “Patches” (in English version) 

Villa Liberty´s CH “Patches” (in Spanish version)